Please note that rods and tracks can vary.
Please allow for the following or request help.

  1. The above track guide is for a standard 25mm wide track with glider hook position approx 1cm lower.
  2. This standard track allows for the top of the curtains to align with the top of the track.
  3. Smaller or larger tracks may require measurement adjustments.
  4. Tracks with centre closure may have centre ovelap arms. If so, additional width is required for the arm lengths. These lengths may vary from 5 - 10cm.
  5. Curtain drops are according to your preference. For clearance off the floor, allow approx 10mm (1cm). Skimming curtain drops and puddling curtain drops require additional lengths.

For help with measuring,  please ring us (03) 9824 8858    or